Graduate Program for Specialty in Philosophy (Marxist Philosophy)


Graduate Program for Specialty in Philosophy (Marxist Philosophy)

(Code: 010101 Degree conferred: Master of Philosophy)


I Objectives

1. This discipline focuses on the cultivation of advanced theoretical talents, demands a systematic, comprehensive and in-depth command of basic theoretical knowledge, and emphasizes a grasp of the spiritual essence of Marxist philosophy in combination with the demand of times.

2. It adheres to the principles of making study serve the practical purpose, turning theories to practice and serving society with the distinct wisdom and functions of philosophy.

3. Graduate employment: (1) Engaged in teaching and research of Marxist philosophy, introduction to philosophy and related theory courses in universities and research institutes; (2) engaged in administrative management, personnel service, secretarial work, publicity, policy research, corporate planning and corporate culture in authorities, enterprises and institutions; (3) Engaged in cultural undertakings in radio and television stations, presses, newspaper and magazine offices.


II Main Research Orientations

1. Contemporary Marxist Philosophy

2. Social Epistemology and Philosophy of Humanities and Social Science

3. Modern Social and Cultural Theory

4. Marxist and Traditional Western Praxis Philosophy

5. Marxist and German Classical Philosophy

6. Value Philosophy


III Duration

Duration of full-time academic Master: 3 years


IV Credits

Total credits:≥36, degree course credits:≥24, research credits:≥12.


V Curriculum and Credits

Degree course

Marxism and Social Science Methodology

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Practice Research

First Foreign Language (English)

Humanities/science & engineering/others

Research on Marxist Philosophy (international course)

Research on Western Philosophy (international course)

Research on Chinese Philosophy (international course)

Research on Hermeneutics (international course)

Research on Foreign Marxist Philosophy

Social Epistemology and Philosophy of Humanities and Social Science (international course)

Selected Readings in Original Works of Foreign Marxist Philosophy (all-English course)

Seminar on Modern Western Philosophy

Research on Praxis Philosophy (international course)

Research on Value Philosophy

History of Western Philosophy

History of Chinese Philosophy

Introduction to Logic


Note: Students without studying philosophy at undergraduate stage must choose three non-degree courses. Only those attending all the classes and passing the examinations can apply for graduation thesis defense, or defense will be impossible.


VI Research and Dissertation

Execute the rules by HUST.