Graduate Program for Specialty in Philosophy (Philosophy of Science and Technology)


Graduate Program for Specialty in Philosophy (Philosophy of Science and Technology)

(Code: 010108 Degree conferred: Master of Philosophy)


I Objectives

This discipline aims at letting the students have a systematic, comprehensive and accurate grasp of the basic theories of philosophy of science and technology, be able to work in this field, master one or two foreign languages and be adept at reading and translating the literatures in this domain.


II Main Research Orientations

1. Philosophy of Science

2. Bioethics

3. Philosophy of Physics

4. History of Science and Technology

5. Scientific Methods and Policies of Science and Technology

6. Philosophy of Mind

7. Philosophy of Technology

8. Philosophy of Logic


III Duration

Duration of full-time academic Master: 3 years


IV Credits

Total credits:≥36, degree course credits:≥24, research credits:≥12.


V Curriculum and Credits

Degree course

Marxism and Social Science Methodology

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Practice Research

First Foreign Language (English)

Humanities/science & engineering/others

Research on Marxist Philosophy (international course)

Research on Western Philosophy (international course)

Research on Chinese Philosophy (international course)

Research on Hermeneutics (international course)

Seminar on Philosophy of Science and Technology (international high-level course)

Seminar on History of Scientific Thoughts

Research on the Ethics of Science and Technology

Readings in Classics of Philosophy of Science and Technology

Comparative Study on Policies of Science and Technology

Seminar on Philosophy of Physics (all-English course)

Seminar on Analysis and Metaphysics (all-English course)

Research on Philosophy of Mind (all-English course)

Research on Contemporary Epistemology (all-English course)

Research on Scientific Thought (all-English course)

History of Western Philosophy

History of Chinese Philosophy

Introduction to Logic


Note: Students without studying philosophy at undergraduate stage must choose three non-degree courses. Only those attending all the classes and passing the examinations can apply for graduation thesis defense, or defense will be impossible.


VI Research and Dissertation

Execute the rules by HUST.