Huiyuan Lecture

08/26/2016 Cao, Tianyu (University of Boston)

Scientific Realism in the Post-Kuhnian Times-Beyond Structuralism and Historicism


06/01/2016 Han, Aiguo (Rowan University, New Jersey)

Infinitive of Human Value System: Social Presentation and Effect of Equality and Recognition Concept


05/31/2016 Han, Aiguo (Rowan University, New Jersey)

Traces of Taoism in the Development History of Western Thought


01/05/2016 Shi, Mingyi (Master)

Zen Patriarch


12/12/2015 Moran,Dermot (President of the International Federation of Philosophy, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of 2018 World Congress of Philosophy, Professor of University College Dublin, famous phenomenologist)

The Self in the Phenomenological Tradition


12/11/2015 Qiu, Renzong (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Ethical Controversy of Editing Gene


11/24/2015 Zhan, Kang (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)

Paradox Expressions of Confucius


11/22/2015 Chen, Dezhong (Associate Editor of World Philosophy)

Political Philosophy from the State View of Weber


11/12/2015 Xu, Wujun

Life and Career of Xu Fuguan


11/03/2015 William E. Carroll (University of Oxford)

Cosmology, Metaphysics and the Origin of the Universe: From Stephen Hawking to Thomas Aquinas


10/31/2015 Jiang, Yi (Beijing Normal University)

Re-examine the Significance of Classical German Philosophy


10/30/2015 Jian, Chuanjin (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Huiyuan Lecture 145: Learning and Writing of Philosophy


05/18/2015 Jian, Chuanjin(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Analysis of Modernity



04/28/2014 Lin, Anwu(Taiwan Tzu Chi University)

From Neo-Confucianism to Post-Neo-Confucianism: from Two Shades Ontology to Fu Wei-xun’s theory"


09/18/2014 Xie, Dikun(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

World Prospect of the Development of Modern Philosophy and Chinese Spirit


05/29/2014 Feger, Hans (Free University, Berlin)

Nietzsche's Will to Power


06/09/2012 Tong, Shijun(East China Normal University)

Let Ration Exist in a Rational Way


06/01/2012 Zhu, Jing(Zhongshan University, doctoral tutor)

Experimental Studies of Cognitive Sciences Show That Deontological Philosophy is Wrong? - Review of Green’s Attack to Kantian Ethics


05/15/2012 Cheng, Zhongying(University of Hawaii)

Contemporary Trend of Philosophy


05/05/2012 Zhai, Zhenming(Zhongshan University)

Systematization of ration& western democracy


12/14/2011 Brunozzi, Philippe (Kassel University, Germany)

Moral Pluralism and the Defense of the Common Moral Order


12/01/2011 Zhang, Xianglong (Peking University)

The Parenthood of Abraham Who Sacrifice the Child


06/16/2011 Meng, Jianwei (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Science, Culture and Life - On Humanistic Return of science- life


06/10/2011 Qiang, Naishe (Chinese Academy of Social sciences)

Philosophical Papers Writing


06/03/2011 Chen, Xiaoping (South China Normal University)

Glue Paradox and Its Solution


05/31/2011 Hong, Handing(Beijing Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Philosophy)

Hermeneutics& Classical Notes


05/23/2011 Jian, Chuanjing(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Philosophical Papers Writing


04/24/2011 Wang, Wenfang(National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan)

Vagueness &Vague Logic